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Things to do on Halloween - Teen Edition

Things to do on Halloween – Teen Edition

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As a teen, you probably feel like you are in purgatory on Halloween as you are too old to trick-or-treat, but not old enough to go to clubs and bars. But have no fear, there are plenty of fun things for you to do to enjoy this spooky holiday. Keep reading for some fun ideas.


Go to a Haunted House

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a haunted house. See if there are any going on near you and invite some friends with you to go check it out. Most of them are open on Halloween and the large scale ones, such as theme park haunts, tend to be quieter on the 31st. 


Have a Bake-Off

If you want to get creative on Halloween while indulging on sweets, have a bake-off! Invite some friends over and see who can make the best pumpkin-spice masterpiece. Get creative with some fun, fall-recipes like pumpkin spice donuts, cheesecake, cupcakes, and anything else you can possibly think of. After, you can enjoy all of the treats you made and be your own judge. 


Have a Costume Party

Although you are no longer trick-or-treating, that doesn’t mean you can’t still dress-up. Host a costume party and encourage everyone to dress up. Chances are, your friends miss it too and will be thankful for the opportunity to break out a costume. 


Hand Out Candy

Do you remember the thrill and excitement of trick-or-treating as a kid? Help the next generation enjoy this experience by handing out candy. Grab a bowl of treats and a seat by the door. When kids come by, give them a treat or show them a trick. Think about what you would have liked to see when you were their age. 


Have a Movie Marathon

Don’t feel like leaving your house this Halloween? Then stay in and have a movie marathon. Choose some classic horror movies, invite some friends over, grab some snacks, and let the fun begin! 


Now that you have some ideas on fun things to do for Halloween, start planning! Whether you decide to check out a haunted house or stay home to watch scary movies, enjoy your night and stay safe! 

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