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What makes Plano a great place to live

What makes Plano a great place to live

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In the early 1840s, history was made when the city of Plano was discovered by European settlers. Though it wasn’t called Plano then, we could only imagine their hopes and dreams for the sizable patch of West-Texas land. The city was officially incorporated in 1873, and by 1874 Plano had 500 residents. Now that number is well above 285,000. We believe Plano is more than its name, it’s a wonderful place to live, work and play. We’re sharing some of what makes Plano a great place to live.

You Can Always go Downtown

Though Downtown Plano is home to a vibrant arts community, it wasn’t always that way. Not long ago, Downtown Plano was a neglected patch of retail space, almost forgotten by the residential development happening around it. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Downtown Plano started its evolution into a fun, thriving district. In 2007, downtown merchants came together to organize a nonprofit that is preserving the arts, culture, and history of Downtown Plano. We love to spend the weekend downtown. One of our favorites is ZaLat Pizza. They make their dough and pizza sauce in house and use only the freshest ingredients. If you want something European, check out Jorg’s Cafe Vienna; they serve German and Austrian food in a cozy, old-world style restaurant.

Nature is Calling, Don’t Let it Go to Voicemail

Now is the best time to get out and get into the wilderness. Even if that wilderness is just a beautiful park or preserves in Plano. The beauty of these places is that they’re accessible for anyone! Take your grandmother or grandchild, they suit any age range. One of the best places to escape city life is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. This park has walking paths, hiking trails, a playground, and so much more. Go and get lost for a few hours!

To you, what makes Plano a great place to live? Drop a comment and let us know!

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