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How to Survive the Heatwaves in your Carrington Park Apartments

How to Survive the Heatwaves in your Carrington Park Apartments

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Welcome to Carrington Park Apartments in Jonesboro, GA. Your apartment will feel like your summer oasis; a staycation will always be at the top of your ideas for days off and much-needed rest. Enjoy your summer in your ideal home all the while remaining fresh and breezy. Follow our tips for surviving the Georgia heat!

Enjoy Our Outdoor Amenities

The cool and sparkling swimming pool is excellent to escape the heat in your apartment as well as a means of not overusing your air conditioner. So take a dip, and save those dollars! The fitness will help you to stay fit and relaxed when the summer heat is too strong to sit still. Or head over to the pet park and relax under some shade with your happy pet friend. 

Rental-Friendly Ways to Cool Down Your Home

It is pivotal to know how to escape the scorching heat when living in an apartment; staying fresh and avoiding the heat is essential . We recommend buying high-speed, low energy fans or even purchasing blackout curtain to ensure sun does not peep into your home, making it hotter. These are easy fixes to escape the heat, especially since permanent fixtures may not be allowed in all apartment; be sure to make use of the flex power as well.

Local Attractions That Will Help You Keep Cool

Escape reality at Escape Reality Manchester, which is close to Carrington Park. You can also relax at the Blackleach County Park. Thus, you will never run out of things to do while you are staying at Carrington Park. There is a gymnasium that the residents can make use of as well.


Enjoy your summer without breaking the bank when you live at Carrington Park Apartments. There are plenty of amenities to take advantage of while living in our beautiful community. Apartment living at Carrington Park is perfect for any weather with our top-notch amenities.

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