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DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving In Your Carrington Park Apartment

DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving In Your Carrington Park Apartment

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It's fun to buy decorations every year for Halloween, but why not take advantage long past October? If you're still having trouble transitioning into Thanksgiving- and who isn't- below are some DIY Halloween decorations that can work double-duty when Thanksgiving celebrations roll around. Here are some great ideas to spruce up your Carrington Park apartment in Plano, TX, with fall decor made by you.

Why DIY?

When you're feeling creative, it's good to do something productive. One of the best things to do is a DIY project because it keeps your mind busy and active for hours.

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

  • Newspaper Leaves: Newspapers are usually pretty inexpensive, and thanks to the advent of online newspapers, they're readily available in most parts of the country. Just cut out the shapes of your favorite leaves. Also, if you want to get creative with your 'fallen leaves' decoration this year, consider adding some paint or acrylic to the mix.
  • Pumpkins: No Halloween will be complete without pumpkins, and you can certainly use them in your Thanksgiving decorating scheme. If you'd like to make a simple centerpiece for your table, why not try carving the top of a pumpkin and putting it in the middle of your table?
  • Fall Lanterns: Anyone who's ever walked around outside at night in the fall knows that there's something magical about seeing lanterns hung from trees and houses, so why not bring the same feeling inside? You don't have to sacrifice your Halloween spirit just because you're doing Thanksgiving too.

Fall 2021 Apartment Living

Treat yourself to adventurous and fun Halloween accessories, and start warming up your nights for your trending decor with jack-o-lanterns, string lights, and other fantastic fall decorations. Fire up a nice pumpkin spiced latte and relax in your DIY decorated home.

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